July 2, 2009

The Miracles on Caballero Street

We experienced a miracle (actually several) last Thursday that we need to share. We had many people praying both here in Paraguay and in the States about a situation we ran into with Donald’s residency application.

A couple of weeks ago we went to Immigrations to check on the status of our temporary residency cards. We were told that the cards for me (Carol) and Cora would be ready in another week or so. However, there was a question about Donald’s application. We were directed to another office where we could get it straightened out. When we got to that office, we were advised that Donald’s file could not be found and that they could not help us until it was located. Needless to say, they were in no hurry to look for it and said it was our problem and not theirs. Talking to them was like hitting our heads against a brick wall; a very frustrating experience. We did eventually get the cell phone number of one of the office staff, so that we did not have to personally go downtown every day just to see if they found the document.

Well, we started sharing our situation with friends and family, and the prayers started going out. In addition, I started calling the man’s cell phone every day asking about my husband’s “lost” file. (It does not hurt to be a squeaky wheel once in awhile.) Finally, the man asked us to come back to the office and said he would personally look for the file while we were there. I bet he was secretly wishing he had never given those “gringos” his number.

We had some of the school staff pray with us before heading back to Immigrations. The main prayer that was lifted up was for favor in the eyes of man and that somebody there would want to help us. That’s when the miracle began! As soon as we got up to the office, the same man I had been bugging all week greeted us and kept telling us that he really wanted to help us. (Miracle #1) We sat down at his desk and spoke to him for awhile, and then he began looking around the office. It is important to note that there was absolutely nothing on top of his desk at that time.

After looking in his office, he had us wait in the waiting area while he looked in a couple of other offices, including that of the director. He came out frustrated and empty-handed, and asked us back into his office again. As we walked in, we noticed a folder sitting on his desk. He picked it up, and lo and behold, it was Donald’s. He asked the other 3 people who were there, but nobody seemed to know how it got there (remember there was nothing on his desk before! Miracle #2)

Now, with the folder in hand, we were able to explain the document that they had questions about to begin with. He listened to us and seemed to understand everything. (Miracle #3) However, he informed us that he was just a researcher and could not make a decision. We needed to talk to the lawyer.

Fortunately the lawyer was sitting at a desk in the same room and we had the first number to meet with him. When our friend (he was definitely a friend by now) told him about us, the lawyer just waved him away and said that he was too busy and that we needed to come back the next day. Then, in all of his business he proceeded to call the people who had the second number.

Our friend found that to be unacceptable and approached the lawyer again about meeting with us first. His persistence paid off as the lawyer reluctantly grabbed Donald’s folder from him and began to read the document. (Miracle #4) We explained it to him, but we were not sure if he understood us. He then got up and asked us to wait in the waiting area while he talked to the director.

As we waited in the crowded room I felt a sudden urge to pray again. I grabbed Donald’s hand and we prayed out loud in English, heads bowed and eyes closed. As soon as we said amen, the lawyer came walking out of the director’s office with a smile on his face. (Miracle #5) He said that after our explanation they now understood the document and would pass Donald’s file back into the residency process. We watched him put his signature on it!

Oh yeah, we asked our friend how long he had been working in that office. He told us he had been there just a little over a month.

How great is our God and how marvelous are His works!

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  1. As we say in the UK, miracles are like buses....you don't see one for ages then they all turn up at once!
    Glad to see it's back in the system, d'you think Donald will now get his papers before you and Cora!
    Blessings to you and all our VA friends coming on here,

    Robin & Denise
    Ottawa, somewhere north of you!