December 29, 2017

Called to Love (by Donald)

As I look out on a sea of unwashed faces and uncombed hair, my heart breaks.  How many homes are represented here?  How many are homes where the children are not receiving enough love?

Then, I remember my Lord asking Peter, "Do you love me?"

To Peter's "Yes Lord," he responded, "Feed my lambs."

I realize that he meant more than physical food.

These children come to the Costanera church to get food and receive love along with it.  I am amazed because I can see it changing their lives.  However, I worry that it is not enough to break the cycle of selfishness, neglect, and poverty that generations of their families have endured.

Then, a little hand slips into mine and gives it a tug.  As I look down into the beautiful unwashed face she tells me, "Your face keeps changing."

I kneel down so that we are eye level and ask, "How so?"

She tells me, "It is happy then sad, happy then sad."

I smile and tell her that I will work on keeping it happy.  With a smile, she returns to her food.