May 11, 2009

March and April Update

The following is the update that we just emailed out today. If you would like to be on our email list, let us know.

Automobile and Residency

We have 2 awesome praise reports that we need to share. First, shortly after writing our last update in March, we were able to get all our paperwork turned in for our residency. As missionaries we have been approved for temporary residency, which is 1 year. In a year we will then apply for permanent residency which will be good for 10 years. Of course, we will have to get some documents updated. The good news, however, is there will be less paperwork to complete the second time around.
Second, we will be getting our new car tomorrow! All the funds came in for us to purchase a 2005 Suzuki Vitara. We got it for a great price and will be saving money in gas and repair costs.

Thank you for all the prayers and financial gifts.

Donald Update

Donald continues to spend time with the silversmiths on a weekly basis. Right now he is observing their work and helping out while conversing with them. The conversations often lead to spiritual matters. He is finding that there are a lot of varied needs ranging from drug addiction to religious legalism. One of his goals is to eventually start an Alpha course for them. Donald will also soon have the opportunity to learn how to do filigree, a traditional Paraguayan art of intricate silver wire designs.

Donald continues to be involved with Alpha and helps with a course once a week. He has also begun visiting the men’s prison once a month with a group of missionaries and pastors in order to encourage and pray with the inmates.

Carol Update

Carol loves being a part of the New Horizons School. Every day she witnesses the positive impacts that God has made on the community through the school. The school has never had a social worker, so one of Carol’s tasks is to help define that role. She has also been given the opportunity to supervise a Paraguayan social work student. Perla, one of the school’s secretaries, is studying social work in the evenings at a local Evangelical Christian university. As part of their studies, the students are required to do field placements with qualified social workers. Since the university is evangelical, public agencies have turned their students away, not wanting their “Christian influence.”

Carol received an official letter from the university requesting that she consider supervising students. Sue Givens, the school director was excited about the opportunity. It adds yet another dynamic to New Horizon’s vision of training and preparing a new generation of Paraguayan leaders who are guided by Biblical principles and the Holy Spirit.

In addition to the school, Carol continues to teach trumpet lessons twice a week. She and Donald have also begun teaching English to our original Alpha group on Saturday mornings and at one of our churches on Saturday evenings as an outreach to the community.

Cora Update

Cora continues to love school. She is learning new skills very quickly and fits in well with her peers. This week all the girls in her class will be doing a traditional dance for the parents. She is very excited about dressing up in her borrowed Paraguayan outfit and is practicing every day at home. Of course, her proud parents will be there with the video camera.


In our last update we had mentioned the new church start in San Carlos. We have been supporting them more. Donald even preached there (his 1st time ever) a couple of weeks ago in Spanish. The church membership is very small, but they have a desire to reach out to their neighbors. They are currently organizing a children’s program that will be held on Saturdays.

Many of you probably remember when Donald was helping with the construction of the Cristo Viviente church. Well, about a month ago a huge storm passed through the area, ripping up about one third of the new roof. Instead of becoming discouraged, the church members rallied together and began praying, fasting and holding fund raisers. The money was raised, the roof was repaired and even more construction progress is being made. What an awesome testimony of God’s provision!


• Residency – Our documents were accepted and we were granted temporary residency
• Automobile – All of our funds came in right on time!
• Cristo Viviente – The roof was repaired and construction continues
• God’s Protection – Donald was hit by a bus last week while riding a motorcycle. Miraculously he was unharmed. The same week a little boy in one of our churches fell from the 2nd floor of a building. He had no injuries as well.

Prayer Requests

• Spiritual Protection – we have experienced some amazing blessings over the past couple months. This past week we have also had some significant spiritual attacks. Please pray that we will continue to stand strong against the enemy’s attempts to rob us of our blessings.
• Barrio San Carlos – that spiritual revival will overtake the area
• The Silversmiths – that God will continue to open doors for Donald as he pursues a relationship with them and for wisdom
• Our Witness – that we will be faithful and bold witnesses for Jesus Christ everywhere that we go!

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