About Us

Our names are Donald and Carol Paige.  We are first and foremost a son and daughter of the One True Living God and followers of Jesus Christ.  We have been married for over 22 years and are blessed with 2 beautiful children.  Cora is 13 years old and Daniel is 6.

We have been serving Christ as missionaries since May of 2006.  Step by step we have followed God's lead, advancing His Kingdom for a year in Costa Rica and 7 years in Paraguay.  We are now preparing for ministry in Spain.

Spain has many churches, but most are empty and followers of Christ are few.  Donald will engage in evangelism and discipleship.  Carol will help develop Christian education through the training of Spanish teachers and administrators.

Currently, we are continuing to minister in Paraguay as we prepare for our future in Spain.  Carol is teaching at Asunción Christian Academy while working on a doctorate in Christian Education Leadership.  Donald is serving in the discipleship and evangelism ministry of the CFA church.

It is our hearts’ desire to share the love of Christ and to be effective witnesses for the Kingdom of God.

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  1. Greetings and Blessings to you, Donald and your family on this Feast of Jesus Christ King of the Universe. He rules the universe, beginning in our own individual hearts! May his peace reign their with you and yours. - We met at the YMCA and shared the faith, prayer and healing. I ask God's healing and transforming grace to be with you and yours and ask your continued prayers of healing: the transition to fullness of health after being on that medicine for so many years - is still challenging my body! We pray in hope for complete restoration and balance between mind, body and Spirit.

    Father Bill Dinga, JSC