December 21, 2012

Baptisms and Babies

On December 8th we went out to the Methodist campground for the annual celebration of baptisms.  Many of the Paraguayan Methodist churches were represented, coming by the busloads to make a day of it.  After a church service, all of the candidates for baptism headed over to the pool surrounded by family and church members singing praises to the Lord.

After the last baptism was over, the praises were replaced by squeals of laughter and delight as those surrounding the pool jumped into the water.  To many of them swimming in a pool is a rare treat.  The water also felt extremely refreshing in the 100 degree heat.  When a couple of children realized that Donald and I knew how to swim, we were immediately surrounded by dozens of wet, smiling faces requesting a tip or two.

All those who weren't swimming or playing fútbol (soccer) were sprawled out in groups on the grass and under the shade of mango trees, fellow-shipping in conversation and food.

An added blessing to the day was the presence of all four babies that were born to the staff of the New Horizons School in 2011.  Due to various reasons, this was the first time that they were all together at the same event.  Mommies and babies had a great time playing together and taking advantage of the moment for some cute photos.

From left to right: Benjamin (6/2011), Ana (8/2011), Eirene (6/2011), Daniel (5/2011)
 Click here to view more pictures from the day.

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