November 4, 2010

Adoption is not 2nd Best!

I was just reading a blog written by another adoptive mom and was brought to tears by a statement she made about her 2 adopted and biological sons:

"I love that when looking at our sons I see two miracles, two children I thought my aching arms would never hold, two boys I never knew I could love so much."

The tears came because these words speak the feelings in my heart. As we celebrate the miracle of a new life forming in my womb and the fulfillment of our hearts' desire, I am flooded by the memories of our other miracle that came to us almost 6 years ago. Cora loves to hear the story of how we prayed and prayed for a baby and God brought us her. Her favorite part is when we tell her about the first time we brought her to church. It was communion Sunday and we were sitting on the front row. The church was full of tears of joy as everyone passed by us to see the long awaited answer to our prayers.

About a week ago during my alone time with God, He gave me a revelation on how the stories of our 2 children are so similar, and how both were clearly a part of His plan. Before Cora was born, God had closed all the doors for us to conceive. Before we conceived, God had closed all the doors for adoption. Both times, after recognizing that the doors had been closed and giving our will over to His perfect will, the blessings came.

It is my desire that Cora never sees herself as less or second best because she was adopted; that she will always feel secure and loved. After all, as someone recently told me, only adopted children go to heaven! (think about that one)

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