July 24, 2008

We are Finally Here!

We sent out an email update last week to let everyone know that we have finally made it to Paraguay. If you would like to be on our email list, send your address to capaige@yahoo.com.

Since there is so much to write about every day, we will try to highlight a few things at a time. Last Sunday we went to the 2 Methodist churches that are closest to our home in Luque. One meets in the morning and the other in the evening.

The church that meets in the morning has about 25 people who attend regularly. A year ago it was a dying church and was down to a total of 4 people. That was when Pablo Mora, the president of the Methodist church in Paraguay appointed his son-in-law as its pastor. Everyone there was very welcoming to us. All the pictures above are of that church.

There are about 30 people who attend the other church. We did not get any pictures last Sunday, but it only has 2 walls and a roof. Tarps serve as the 3rd wall. They do, however have a drum set, electric guitar and keyboard. The music there is very lively and reminds us of our church in Costa Rica. We can definitely feel the presence of the Holy Spirit there!

Both churches have many children. Cora has enjoyed playing with them all. However, when it comes time for children to leave the service for their program, she gets shy and refuses to go. We are sure that will change as we continue to go and she gets more used to everything.

The following video is not very good because it was done on our small camera. It shows the road on our way to church. This road is typical for the area. This is also why we need to buy an SUV!

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