March 15, 2008

A God Appointment

I (Carol) had an incredible experience a few days ago. Thursday morning I received a call from a friend who works with a crisis pregnancy center. She told me that a woman had called for an appointment who spoke only Spanish, and that they thought she was wanting an abortion. She asked if I would be able to serve as a translator. I explained to her that my Spanish was not good enough to translate word for word, but agreed to do it.

On the way to the center Donald and I were praying that God would use me despite my language limitations to be a positive witness to the woman. We also prayed for the father and the unborn child.

The woman's appointment was for 3:00pm, but by 3:15 she had still not arrived. Right around that time, we noticed a Hispanic man wandering around as if he was looking for something. He ended up coming into the office where we were waiting. When asked what he could be helped with, he replied in broken English that his girlfriend wanted an abortion. The counselor told him that the center was not a place for abortions. He immediately began to cry and I asked if we could talk to him in a more private place.

We went back to a room, and I began translating for the counselor. He was crying and seemed conflicted about his girlfriend having an abortion. As I looked at him, I could feel the compassion of Jesus welling up in me. I could also feel the strong presence of the Holy Spirit. I began to break away from simply translating to speaking to him about the love of God and His desires. I was also able to listen to the man's story, which was very complicated.

I told the man that it was not a coincidence that he showed up to the center at that particular time on that particular day. Usually there is nobody there who can speak Spanish. I shared that I believed that God intended for him to be talking with me. He then explained to me that he did not want the abortion, but that his girlfriend was very stubborn and did not change her mind easily. I asked him if he was a Christian. He responded that he was Catholic. I then asked if he prayed. He said that he did. I let him know that we cannot change difficult situations, but that God can. I prayed with him that God would give him the words to say to his girlfriend.

I spent a little over an hour speaking with this man. When he left, I could tell that something had happened within him. It was amazing how the Holy Spirit used me to minister to him. I was even more amazed when I discovered that the woman that I was originally supposed to translate for had shown up with her sister who spoke English and that she did not want an abortion. She wanted verification of her pregnancy in order to receive Medicaid.

I knew then without a doubt that God had arranged for me to be there not for that woman, but for the man that He knew would wander in!

Has God used you in a way like this? He can, you know. He used me simply because I was available and ready to answer His call. It is my prayer that I will never be too busy with "wordly" things that I miss a God appointment. That is my prayer for you as well.

In His Love,



  1. WOW, your story is such a blessing to hear and as a reminder to me, to each of us. sometimes we get so anxious while waiting to go to the field, that we forget that He uses us where ever He has us. thank you for answering his call and for sharing with us.

  2. Please continue to share your story! You and Donald are always an inspiration! God is so good and always amazing!!